How To Develop A Sweeping Shot For Wrestling

There are so many different types of shots in wrestling that it is easy to ask yourself “which one is the best?” My answer to that would be, “whatever works for you and your wrestling stlye.” In a previous post, we covered a type of shot where you drive through your opponent and change direction. That type of shot is best for double leg attacks and high crotch attacks. The type of shot that we are covering today is good for single leg attacks. Even if you have a good double or high crotch, you are still going to want to develop a decent single leg attack.

By having the ability to attack both sides of the body, you allow yourself a better chance of scoring even when your opponent is able to shut down your offense to one side of your body. If my opponent is protecting his left leg from my left side high crotch, then it is very likely that his right leg will be leading. If I can shoot a single leg to that right side, then I will have a better chance of being able to score on my opponent, even though he isn’t giving me my preferred attack. It is this game of strategy and cat and mouse that makes wrestling fun. You execute a technique, and your opponent executes a counter. Then you have to come up with a way to beat the counter and score points. Back and forth, back and forth you learn how to create opportunities.

Creating opportunities in wrestling is much like creating opportunities in life in general. Maybe you learn how do something really well, but then a change in your industry or life circumstances makes you find a new way to survive, excel, and thrive. If you learn how to counter the counters, you will be more successful. If you aren’t able to counter the counters, you might have a rough spot until you learn to adapt.

Learn how to counter the counters and develop the techniques and skills that you need to be successful. Come train with us at Fortius Wrestling, and see the difference that you can make in your wrestling.

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