Mastering Stance and Motion

Anytime that you want to be the best in something, whether it is the best on the team, best in the state, best in the country, best in the world, you need to have a good solid foundation and understanding of the fundamentals. The importance of mastering the basics cannot be emphasized enough. With wrestling the base of a successful wrestler is his stance. If you have a good stance and can move well, you will be on your way to mastering more advanced techniques further down the road. Let me share with you a story about how practicing the basic fundamentals of stance helped me.

My sophomore year started off well. I was winning all of my matches and getting better every day. However, I wrestled against this one particular opponent that had a very good low level shot. He beat me in a dual meet at his high school. It was my first and only loss of the year. I was very upset about losing, but I was also very serious about getting better and not letting the same thing happen to me later in the year. I went to work on my stance. My coach worked with me to correct the problem that was leaving me vulnerable to my opponent’s low level attack. I was confident that in the future I would be able to win the next time that I matched up with the same wrestler.

Fast forward a couple of months to the semi finals of the state championships. I was going to wrestle the same opponent who had taken me down four times straight in our earlier meeting. However, this time, I was prepared for his low level attack. I made the corrections that I needed to in order to fix my stance, and he wasn’t able to score a single take down. I dominated the match and went on to win my first state championship. It was a great feeling, and it helped me to realize even more the importance of a good solid stance.

Take the time to implement stance and motion training in all of your wrestling practices. You can use it to warm up or cool down after a tough workout. I used to spend a lot of time on my own moving in my stance and working on the motions that would help me to develop the muscle memory and quickness that I would need to excel. Watch this video to learn how you can work on improving your stance.

Don’t think, just throw. – Coach Ruiz

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