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Simple Chop Breakdown And Tilt From Top Position

The tilt is a great technique to score quick and easy points from the top position. A couple of key points are to use your legs to drive forward and keep pressure on your opponent, and to control your opponent’s hips and arm.

When you are using your knee to drive your opponent forward, you should literally knee him in the butt. The forward momentum will help to knock him off of his base, and it will make it easier for you to trap your opponent’s arm.

To keep your opponent’s arm controlled, I like to grip with my thumb next to my index finger instead of wrapping the thumb around his bicep. Then you want to pull your elbow back and towards your ribs. After you suck the arm back and keep your elbow pinched to your side, it is hard for your opponent to get his arm back.

Your other arm should be wrapping deep around your opponent’s waist to control his hips. Make sure to drive forward over the shoulder to pull his hips close to yours.

Take the time to master this move, and you will see how easy it is to pick up points from the top position.

How To Defend Leg Ride Attacks

One of the worst places to be during a wrestling match is to be stuck underneath a good leg rider. The leg ride position allows the top wrestler to use a lot of pressure to wear down their opponents lower back. Being on the bottom for too long can take a lot of energy out of the wrestler. It is very important to get to a good position that will allow the bottom wrestler an opportunity to take the control back in the match. There are a couple of key points to consider.

The first thing that you want to be aware of is that you need to protect your arms, especially the arm that is opposite of the leg that your opponent has in. So for example, if your opponent has their left leg in, you will want to protect your right arm at all costs. That opposite arm is the one that your opponent will most likely be attacking. I like to pull my arm in and keep it tucked tightly against my body. This helps to prevent the top wrestler to be able to get my arm and crank on it or pull it back.

The second thing that I like to do is to sit to the hip on the same side that he has his leg in. This helps you to get off of your base and it puts him on his butt. If I end up on my stomach and he is free to crank over my hips with his leg, that is really going to wear out my lower back and provide him with a chance to turn me. Also if he gets on opportunity to crank on me from the top position, it will make me more tired as I do get up to my feet. I want to spend as little time as possible underneath my opponent.

The key to being successful on the bottom position is to always be moving and improving your position. You only need to make small improvements, but the key is to keep advancing. You have to be patient, and you have to be smart. If you rush something or panic, you are more likely to provide your opponent with opportunities to score.

I hope that this video will help you to find your way to get out of a leg ride, just in case you find yourself in that position.

Defend From A Single Leg Attack

There are many ways to defend from a single leg attack. Today’s technique focuses on countering your opponent from the standing single leg position and ending up scoring points from that position. Pay close attention to Erkin’s hand placement as he secures this move. He does a good job of basically grabbing a two on one while his opponent is controlling his leg. This is a great defensive technique, especially if you need to score multiple points at the end of a match that you might be losing.

We are very fortunate to have Erkin as a coach. He grew up in his native Uzbekistan and trained under some of the top talent and training programs from the former Soviet Union, a country that was known for their dominance in the sport of wrestling. Even today the countries that used to make up the Soviet Union are still very successful in the sport of wrestling at the Olympic and World Championship level.

Feel free to stop by during a practice to learn more great technique and prepare to be a wrestling champion.

How To Score From A Front Head Lock

The front head lock is a very common position in all types of wrestling. You can find yourself in the position from a poor shot by your opponent or you can snap them down and force them into the position. It is definitely worth the effort to learn how to do this technique well and develop the ability to execute the move in competition.

The first step to having a good front head lock is to get your opponent to tense up a little bit. This tension in your opponent will allow you to move him easier than if he is relaxed. One of the best ways to create this tension is to push into your opponent and use your hips to create pressure on him. The second step is to pull him down to the mat. You need to work hard to get his elbow on the mat because that allows you to get past one of his lines of defense. Keep your weight on his elbow as you circle around. The third step is to get a solid hold of your opponent’s leg. I like to grab the hamstring. The reason we want to get to a leg is to keep his hips from moving around. As you try to go around your opponent, he will try to square up with you and face you. He knows that if he gives you the angle that it will be hard for him to get it back. After you have the leg secure, keep circling around behind your opponent until you can scoop their ankle with your foot. This will help to secure the take down as well as prevent your opponent from moving much in the bottom position. It also opens up a new series of techniques that you can apply from the top position.

Hopefully as you continue to work on this technique, you will be able to see how effective this move is for scoring on opponents even at a very high level of wrestling. Good luck and please keep checking back for more great wrestling tips and techniques.